Friday, November 28, 2008


This is by far my most important post. For me it sums up all the differences between US and Brazilian culture, right there in the restroom.

When I first got to the bathrooms at work, I noticed that the pressure of the flush wasn't as powerful as it is in the states. In fact, the level of water is so low, that it doesn't swirl when it flushes so I couldn't see the counter-clockwise flush, which was basically my whole motive for coming to Brazil.

I also of course noticed the big hose next to the toilet. That is one high powered bidet. Take that, silly seat warmers at Google Mountain View.

But it wasn't until I made this trip to Rio that I realized that I'd been doing things a bit wrong:

Aparently those big trash cans in the rest room aren't just for feminine hygeine. I then consulted with Brazilian friends -- do they flsuh it down or jogo? They all told me they throw it in the trash, cause the water goes into the nearby rivers and stuff. Man, crazy. Some of them told me that they will flush it down depending on the toilet and location, and their confidence level that it will all go down. Wow. So much to think about!