Sunday, November 2, 2008

All stories start at DFW

So my trip to Brazil started with a layover in Dallas Fortworth on Sunday October 26, 2008. DFW is typically Texan for me -- it's a huge airport with 4 gi-normous terminals. The walkways and people movers and extremely wide and there's a food court every 20 feet (or so it seems) with 15 different restaurants and they all seem to be fairly full.

Anyway, I snapped this picture on the way to the AirTrain to switch terminals. The light was perfect and the reflection was so bright. Now when I look at it, it's almost abstract, my eyes have a hard time reading it to see what it really was. Anywho, after the pic I headed over to Terminal D which faces West and I got to see the sun set one last time before the over night flight to São Paulo.

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