Friday, November 28, 2008

Marité comes!!!!

Yeah! Marité came to visit! Marité is a super great friend of mine that I've known since Kindergarten. As luck would have it, this November she came to Brazil to visit some old friends in Londrina, in the state of Parana. After spending time with them she made a stop in Sao Paulo with me. Yay! As you can see, Marité is a bit camera shy but I was able to snap this quick one at a Caipirinha stand on the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Marité was so great to have around! Since she had just had a crash course in Brazilian culture (hanging out with mostly dudes in the interior for 10 days!) by the time she got to SP we had a lot to talk about! Also, Marité is a polyglot extroadinaire! Her dad is french, so she's fluent in both french and english, and she's been speaking spanish since she was a baby. As you can imagine, only after two weeks Marité was speaking a pretty mean portuguese! We connected on the many similarities between the French and the Brazilians (fer serious!), the differences between Brazil and SF (bastante!) and all the many cultural lessons we have been learning.

Marité landed on the Wed. before Thanksgiving. That Thursday, we celebrated with some other Googlers at the Hamburgeria Nacional (see the post on that.) That Friday morning, I logged onto a website, and bought us two one-way tickets to Rio! Marite was still pretty exhausted from her long travels within Brazil, and so when she woke up, we only had about 40 minutes to pack! (One goog thing about living in Moema is that all those planes flying overhead, means it only takes about 5 minutes to get to the airport.)

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