Sunday, November 2, 2008

Apart- Hotel

My apartment is great!!! I'm currently in what's known as an "apart-hotel" or a "flat" (they use the English word in portuguese to describe my particular setup.) It's like a hotel -- there's a concierge, full breakfast ('cafe da amanha') in the morning, a mini-gym, and a pool. But the apartment itself has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a washing machine! You would feel more than comfortable staying here for a while, and so I understand why the minimum stay is only a month. There's a lot of business people in the building, lots of Spanish speakers, and some other Brazilians, who I'm told might be from somewhere else in the country but need to stay in SP for a while due to business or medical reasons. (More photos of the apt here!)

Did I mention the balcony?

The neighborhood I'm in is called Moema. It's really safe. There's no metro station and not a lot of bus lines. (Some people say this is why it's so safe!) But an interesting thing about the neighborhood is that it's near the domestic airport. And when I mean near, it's underneath the flight path that leads to the landing strip, so about every two minutes (oh - there goes one now!) I can hear planes overhead. What's more, I can almost touch them! Check it out!

The photo even adds more distance (like if you've ever tried taking a photo of a rising harvest move -- close to impossible!), but it truly feels like the plane might just touch the building. Insane.

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Gina said...

nice place, liz! wish i could come visit you! besos