Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going going. .. back back. . . to Rio Rio

This post is big time dedicated to my peeps Casey and Pablo who are one of my favorite young married couples. About six months ago, they made the dream a reality: they quit their jobs and picked up to travel the world. A few okaces they visited were Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia (where Pablo, who is Mexican, was mistaken for biggest Indonesian in the world!). I was luckily enough to catch them in Rio during their South American leg of the trip.
Thumbs up to that!

So since I spent 3 days in Rio before with Marité, I was obviously an expert. Where should we go? Obviously back to Rio Scenarium! (This is us at Rio Scenarium. The backdrop gives a good idea of the theatrical feel of the place.)

Pablo and Casey are great to travel with. First off, they're so used to it, that they have no qualms about not/doing the touristy thing. See Cristo Redentor? Sure, if there's time (there was time, but too many coulds (noblado), so we had to abandon that one. Getting ripped off from cabbies? Oh, well, what can you do about that? At the end of the day, it's only $10, and you can always make it up by asking for the disconto touristico wherever you go. (Nice one, Pablo!) Hungry and really don't know what's safe and reasobably priced. Fuck it, let's go to McDonald's and get a quarter pounder with cheese --> that's where all the locals are eating anyway, wearing their Levi's and Converse! OMG! I love hanging with these peeps!

Pablo also did this super cool thing. About a year ago he got really into weight lifting. He's in the middle of "getting huge" and this trip wasn't going to get in the way -- it turned out to be an awesome opportunity to continue doing it. So in every remote rural village Pablo would use as much sign language as he could to find places that he could pump iron. This hobby was an awesome way for Pablo and Casey to see the "real" communities they were visiting before the tourist sheen. Pablo took pictures of all this and is going to start a website documenting the random outhouses and back rooms where the bench press was located from Phuket to Kuala Lampur (Reserving this space here to plug the website in the future, Pablo.) Hats off, to you, brotha! This is me trying to show Pablo my guns at another Samba club, Democraticus in Lapa, Rio:

This is democraticus:

And this is the lobby of Democraticus, real pretty, right?:

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quesadilla craft said...

Aww, thanks, Liz.
We had way too much fun with you in Rio.