Sunday, January 4, 2009

Be a good Brasileira, get your nails done, sweetie

(written after returned to SF, Feb 8, 2009.) So one of things that made me fall quickly in love with Sampa was realizing that it was not only socially acceptable to get your nails done once a week, but it was almost expected. This is surprising cause for most Americans, we only get our nails done for special occasions -- before Prom, weddings, big dinners, etc. And it's definitely not required, just a treat. But after I got my first manicure (and realized it was extremely affordable.) I noticed that most of the Brazilians I saw had beautiful manicures -- moms, daughters, aunts, grandmas, every one had beautiful nails and beautiful colors. Deep reds. Bright Reds (Gabriela). Rich dark browns. Solid strong whites (which I never would be brave enough to get myself, but I realized when you were this color at the beach, it makes you look more bronzeada than you actually are.)

As mundance as this may be, this is my pattern with my nails. I have nice strong nails, but they are even stronger after I cut them. So in the US, I usually let my nails grow until they are too long, and then if I have time I will go and get my preferred French manicure. If I don't have time, I just cut them and start again. So in Brazil, I was getting my nails done every 10 days. SO I've kept my nails long for 3 months now. They were so long that I had to get one last French manicure here in the states before I cut them for good.

Manicures are also a great conversation starter with Brasileiras (the same way soccer is a good topic to ask Brasileiros about.)

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